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Appreciation Culture People Rimba

Appreciation Culture People RimbaAppreciation Culture People Rimba ~ Rimba people in Jambi Province who are more familiar with is called Ethnic Child Within (SAD) is a traditional communities living in Jambi forest in Jambi area. Rimba people is also one of the icons of Jambi. To view this Rimba people, usually have to explore the interior of the forests in Jambi Province.

However, for this week (July 20 to 27), Woods did not have to look at people with an adventure into the woods, but simply by visiting the Museum of Jambi. Because in this museum, at this period in Brief Life Exhibition was held at Rimba Watershed (Watershed) Batanghari, the opening of the exhibition was also held at the Museum of Jambi (Tuesday, 20 sevenths).

Activities are held in cooperation Jambi State Museum, Department of Culture and Tourism of the Province of Jambi, and the Directorate of History and Archaeology Museum Directorate General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI is as one attempt to appreciate or respect the culture of one of one of the existing communities in the province of Jambi. Which are well known in this archipelago as one of the communities left behind, as well as efforts to appeal to the wider community to give attention and better care to people in order to improve the welfare of Woods and Woods is advancing man.

In a written speech, the Governor of Jambi, H. Zulkifli Nurdin at the opening of the exhibition, which was read by the Assistant to the First Secretary of Jambi Province, Drs. Pahrul Rozi, M. Si as well as representing the governor, stated that people had the wisdom to Woods forest preserve, maintain, and preserve the forest while utilizing the resources contained therein. Rimba people make the forest as a place to live as well as a source of livelihood.

"Wisdom Jungle People associated with their activities in making a living in the woods, consciously or unconsciously very friendly environment. Environmental friendliness in question can be seen from the ways and tools used. They look for food sources in forests carefully without destroying the forests and animals that live in these forests.

Various restrictions and taboos surrounding their lives. They believe that natural change is disobedience to God's will and is a breach of custom. In the shade of Jambi Province, they live and maintaining cultural traditions centered on the ancestral forest. Therefore, we are very grateful to the existence of their concern about forest conservation, "the governor said through an assistant I.

Governor continues to live through the reality shown in the Woods The exhibition is expected to open the eyes of the public that their presence as guardians, custodians, and environmental conservationists and the forest needs to emulate and that survival Jungle People not only become the responsibility of government alone, but is shared responsibility.

In connection with the launching in 2010 as the Year of the Museum Visit by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia, Ir. Jero Wacik with movement programs "Love Museum" which is one way to support the motion in love with the museum is organizing an exhibition at the museum, the governor strongly supports the program.

With the holding of this exhibition, the governor expressed his expectation that the functions and existence of the museum in the future can be improved again so that the younger generation, especially school and university students can understand the culture and history of the nation. Governors also hope the exhibition as a concrete step toward the realization of the business of maintaining, and developing local culture, which reflects the nation's noble values in accordance with the basic philosophy and content of our country.

Mardiana Intan said, through this exhibition, we can know the local wisdom Rimba people with nature in human life and human beings with the Creator. Through this exhibition is also expected to further increase awareness and understanding of multiculturalism in society. He also said that this exhibition is one of the Local Government's efforts in order to revitalize the museum in 2010 which established the United Indonesia Cabinet Volume II.

Mardiana Diamond argues, Director of the Directorate General of History and the Museum of Antiquities Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI and their staffs as well as a related party has been, is, and will continue to strive to attract people to visit museums. He stated that if a very crowded malls visited by the public, especially among teenagers and young children, but their desire to visit the museum is still very low. Therefore, strict Mardiana, he tried hard to change the paradigm for society in general that this is a collection of the museum as a place of historical objects, became more broadly, the museum as a place of learning (learning) is very useful, about the history, culture, and positive values contained therein and the museum as a place of recreation that is fun, for free. Thus, the interest of the people especially the younger generation to visit museums more higher.

In connection with the national program Revitalization Museum and one of the steps to rehab 80 buildings museums across Indonesia from 2010 to 2014 period, with the first wave rehah six museum buildings in Indonesia in 2010, the State Museum direhab Jambi including those on the first wave, namely the year 2010 this . This also shows that the culture of Jambi has a potential to be developed.
Intan is also appealing that all parties are equally concerned and supportive to the welfare of The Jungle The Jungle is more advanced.

In his report, Head of Culture and Tourism (Kadisbudpar), Jambi, DR. Ir. Didy Wurjanto, M. The exhibition tells the background material related to The Jungle The Jungle is due to cultural icon is one of Jambi and they have the wisdom of the forest preserve, maintain, and preserve while utilizing the resources contained within it.

Didy Wurjanto explains, there are three purposes the holding of this exhibition, namely, 1.Memperkenalkan museum as a place of learning science, history, and cultural, as well as a place of recreation that is fun, 2.Meningkatkan appreciation of life and culture of The Jungle as a regional and national asset and cultivate a sense of belonging so that efforts to improve the welfare of The Woods becomes a shared responsibility, and 3.Membina cooperation with various institutions, both governmental and private sectors in order to optimize the museum.

Exhibition material, followed Didy Wurjanto is the origin of information People Rimba, Rimba The distribution maps, specific identity Rimba people, livelihood systems, system life cycle, social system, belief system, local wisdom, and the future and hope people Rimba.

After the opening is officially represented by the Governor of Jambi Province Jambi Regional Secretariat Assistant I, Director of the Directorate General of History and the Museum of Antiquities Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI, Dra. Intan Mardiana N, M. Hum cutting the ribbon at a time into the State Museum auditorium jambi, to see the exhibition of the Woods at the museum. The atmosphere in the museum set up in such a way to support lighting / light enough so as to resemble the forest where people live and there is a kind of Jungle booths complete with a written explanation.

Rimba people who were present in the exhibition also shows the happy feeling of exhibitions and visits to their community.

Appreciation pemerintah terhadap Orang Rimba's life as well as this part of the masyarakat Jambi Jambi bagian culture is an effort from an excellent, very constructive, because with this event terdapat adanya main two benefits consists of one, to pay attention, awareness, and improve kesejahteraan The Jungle . Two, develop a love of local culture are also part of kekayaah national cultural treasures, from love of this culture and then develop the desire to nurture and develop the culture.

So, the main benefit of this exhibition is to promote the welfare and development of culture, two things that really sustain the progress of society, for people and for society Rimba Jambi. Progress is the part that form the region and support national progress.

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